Who the hell are we?

The Xpand Add-ons team is an Xpand IT division.

In 2004, Xpand IT got the first contact with Atlassian and before long, it became the first and the only Atlassian Expert in Portugal. After many years of working with JIRA, Confluence and several other add-ons, it started to grow in us the motivation to develop our own products. And so it began! Right now, we have two of the most top-selling and top-rated JIRA add-ons in Atlassian Marketplace: Xporter and Xray. And with a top-notch client support, we are facing a future with many more exciting projects.

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What about Xporter?

Xporter was born in 2011 when we first felt the need to create a smart way to export issues from JIRA. We needed to create smart templates based on a scripting language that would export to normal DOCX, XSLX or PDF formats, and create beautiful reports from your JIRA issues.

Check the Xporter page.

What about Xray?

Contrary to Xporter, Xray was only released in 2013 and was born from a very specific need from one of our clients. The positive feedback that we received after, gave us the motivation to improve our solutions and invest even more; since its creation, we are constantly investing in new features, which reflects on exponential sales growth. But what really makes us proud is the awesome feedback that our clients give us every day.

Check the Xray page.

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