Integrate Jira Into Your Information System With Xporter And NFeed

Integrate Jira into your information system with Xporter and nFeed

The following is a guest blog written by Christophe Promé, Product Manager at Valiantys Software.

Even though Jira is a powerful tool, without a doubt you’ve probably needed to access external data which is not available in your tickets, or extract information from your tickets to be reformatted in Word, Excel or PDF documents.

While this is difficult with the out-of-the-box version of Jira, it can be achieved with the use of two Atlassian Marketplace apps – Xporter and nFeed. When these two apps are used together, they can cover virtually all of your use cases.

Testing In Offline Mode Using Xray And Excel

Testing in offline mode using Xray and Excel

You may think that users always have access to internet and intranet resources but unfortunately, that is not the case.

There are scenarios where testers go out to the field and execute their testing in places without or with restricted connectivity. They may not have access to the enterprise Jira server due to lack of VPN access, for example.

Top 3 Software Testing Trends: 2018 And Beyond

Top 3 Software Testing Trends: 2018 and Beyond


It seems like yesterday was January and today is already March. What happened to February?

Time is flying by and business is changing at the same speed. These are exciting times for anyone in IT.  Software testers, in particular, will have new challenges!

So, what can we expect not just in 2018 but in the coming years as well? Hard to guess, but here are my top 3 trends:


Implement Continuous Integration Easily With TeamCity And Xray

Implement Continuous Integration easily with TeamCity and Xray

Every now and then, customers ask us for additional support for new CI tools.

Currently, Xray provides two free add-ons for Bamboo and Jenkins. These add-ons interact with Xray using its built-in REST API. Even if you’re not using these tools, it’s quite easy to submit your automated test results from other tools, including TeamCity.