Why these Webinars?

These free webinars are planned to show to new users, developers and product managers all the best features that make Xporter for JIRA the reference Add-on for those who want to Export their JIRA issues into several formats. During something like 40 minutes the attendees will get a better insight of the product, know the company behind the tool, and have their questions answered. The webinars are offered several times.

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Free Webinar: Xporter for JIRA – Walkthrough


This Webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. What is a template?
  2. How can we choose what we want to export with mappings;
    1. Field Mappings
    2. Iterations
    3. Functions
  3. Sample templates (Xporter Template Store);
  4. How to export Issue(s):
    1. Single Issue Detail
    2. Bulk Export from Issue Detail/Navigator
    3. Workflow Post Function
  5. How to configure Xporter:
    1. Global Settings
    2. Templates
    3. Schemes

Register now and select which date and time suits you better.

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Thursday 8th June 8:00am PST
Thursday 8th June 8:00am PST