The #1 Reporting Add-on for JIRA

Export issues to Word, Excel and PDF. Create your templates with Word and Excel Documents.

They Export Issues with us

Exporting them all


Images, attachments, comments, subtask fields, linked issues and Requirements, the sky is the limit for Xporter templates.

Install your free trial version, download the files from the Template Store (inside JIRA administration) and jump on exporting them all

Check on the available exporting formats


Cooking Templates 

Xporter also shares the ingredients, now you can 

cook your own templates.

Besides Pre made templates, you can create your own custom files as easy as never within a normal DOCx document and personalize them using scripting language.

nova ultima feature_21_08

Round 2: Export them all

Single + Multiple export = Awesomeness

You already used JQL to optimize your search results, now imagine you can print them out.

Export 1, 2, 3 or more issues with Bulk Export feature, with a complete template range choice.



May the force be with you, because our API will.

You can directly call Xporter inside JIRA, through a link API, generating external requests.



Permission settings

This is serious business.

Set specific permissions schemes for templates, projects, users or project roles, issues and others.

Control who and what information is extracted from your JIRA platform.

Juicy workflow functions

Wow, what’s that?

Edit your workflows and set them to automatically export a document following issue transitions and attaching it to your solved issue’s page.


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You have two options to buy this product:

  1. From the marketplace:
  2. Directly from Xpand Add-ons. Contact our sales team at and request a quotation. All quotes will be in USD but we are able to provide also quotes in EUR and GBP.
  3. The purchase of Cloud licenses is only possible in Atlassian marketplace.

You can extend your Server add-on trial up to 5 times – in other words, for up to six months.

You can extend your trial by generating a new evaluation license key from Atlassian Marketplace. Click Free Trial and you’ll be directed to generate a license at MyAtlassian. Paste this license key into the add-on listing in UPM from your Atlassian host application, and you’re all set.

The extending Trial Period is only applicable to Server licenses.

Server pricing Model:

  • Licenses last forever and include 12 months of maintenance (support and version updates).
  • You can renew maintenance, directly from us or the Marketplace, after 12 months at 50% of the current purchase price.
  • You can upgrade the user tier of your add-on at any time. Upgrade prices are calculated based on Atlassian’s formula .

Cloud pricing Model:

  • Cloud products and add-ons are hosted by Atlassian and Xpand IT. More information is available in here.
  • You are eligible for support and automatic version updates as long as your subscription is active
  • Your subscription automatically renews every month. Annual pricing is also available. Your pricing tier for host products and add-ons is automatically upgraded (as necessary) when you add users to your instance.
  • If add-on pricing changes after your initial purchase, there’s a 60-day grandfathering period during which you can renew based on the old pricing.

The user tier must always match your JIRA server application. For example, if you have a JIRA Server license for 25 users, you should purchase this tier.

Add-on purchase and renewal is half-price if you have an academic license for your Atlassian host application.

Add-ons are always free for community and open-source Project.

Xpand Add-ons has the same policy as Atlassian. Click here if you want to qualify for special discounts.

The special discounts are only applicable to Server licenses.

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Discover our Templates

Xporter has a lot of templates for JIRA and each one of them organizes your data in different ways.

 Access our full template store here.

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Developer Area

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Knowledge Base

Full documentation with instructions, features and an API (it wouldn’t be a real add-on without an API).


Check issues on JIRA and follow our product evolution, for the Past, Present and Future releases.



Our dedicated team is always available to help you with any problem with our products. Let us now your questions.